A note from our Founder Kelly Ford

​​​​I've been travelling the world for many years (I won't say how many;) while living in a cold climate. I took every opportunity to escape as often as possible. With that very first snowflake, the ocean would start calling my name.

The only thing I love as much as clothes and accessories is SUMMER and the BEACH. The hustle and bustle of an airport is my favourite sounds, second to crashing waves and the smell of suntan lotion and salty air equal true bliss.

​As anyone who lives in a cold climate knows, once the season starts to change, so does the options for summer clothes, anything other then black, brown or beige, was nowhere to be found. Unless I seriously stocked up during the summer, I was often out of luck finding anything  to take to my happy place. Frustrated by my lack of local options, Shop Resort was born.

At Shop Resort we are truly passionate about what we sell and promote. If we wouldn’t wear it, we won’t sell it. Many of our items are limited quantity collectables. We love talented designers, silks, unique fabrics, perfect stitching, the attention to detail, the list goes on. We like some less expensive trendy pieces that will probably make it into your suitcase for just a season or two. Our goal is to keep you from looking like you shopped the resort gift shop regardless of what climate you call home. When someone says "I'll  just buy some clothes when I get there" I get shivers down my spine. Most of us get a limited number of holidays during our lifetime and we should all look fabulous for them. With all of our photos being digital and out there for the world to see, it's officially worth a little pre-planning and that's where we come in.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I've always been obsessed with fashion. I'm typically found with an imported glossy magazine in my face, stuffed in every bag and leaving a trail of them everywhere I went. Rest assured, you'll look great in our curated selections because many insomniac hours went into the research of each and every treasured find. The only giveaway of your hometown will be your accent, not your beach look. I hope you like them as much as we do.


Kelly Ford